Saturday, August 6, 2016

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                                                 Why this cell phone.. cell phone?

   Just now I saw a cartoon.. which is very thought provoking..
   Olden days.. telephone brought  persons together, whether lovers, couples, friends or family together.
   Modern days.. cell phones act as barriers between persons who are together.
   It reminds me of an event I noticed some time back..
   It was in Seatle, Summamish park. We went there to spend some time with grand kids playing around. They were very young and the I pads, cell phones were not yet their preference.
   I saw a couple, with lot of food, playing cards, music system and all. They looked middle aged. For about an hour and half our kids and were playing ball games, hide and seek.. few things like that.
   Writer in me was very nosy and I made my folks play in the vicinity of the couple.
   The lady was all the time talking in the cell phone, making rounds around the bench, where the man was sitting. He was reading a book/ magazine apparently with a boring look.
   I did not understand why they took the trouble to come all the way to the park to spend time like strangers.
   This is the scenario in many house hold these days.
   So, when my kith and kin come to visit us.. We put a condition to switch off the cell phones.
   I guess that is why we are not getting that many visitors these days..

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namam said...

సాంకేతికత తెచ్చిన చెడు పరిణామలలొ ఇది ఒక ముఖ్యమైన పరిణామం.
" తగ్గిన మానవీయ సంబంధాలు!!"