Tuesday, June 21, 2011

happy father's day

Posted by Mantha Bhanumathi on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 with 1 comment

This is our 4 yr. old grand daughter Anika’s father’s day card.
It seems the card was given in the school, and the kids have to fill in the blanks, including some drawing on the empty page. The teacher asked the questions and filled the blanks with the answers given by the kids.
We felt Anika’s answers are funny and it is amazing how a four year old thinks.
In the drawing the tall one is amma. You can see the hair on both sides of the face. Similarly for Anika on the left. In her view amma is a gaint  and nanna follows her..
The one who is next tall is nanna with few hairs standing straight on the head. So, you can find her brother.
Please read the answers.. you will enjoy.

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Malathi Chandur said...

:) very cute! మా వాడు మూడున్నర గాడు! బుడుగు పేరు వాడు! ఇంచుమించు ఇలాంటి మాటలే చెప్తాడు.. అమ్మ మాట వినాలి నాన్నా అని serious గా భోదిస్తాడు వాళ్ళ నాన్నకి. చిన్నపిల్లలకి అమ్మే టాప్! I enjoy this!!